Book Release Party!

We’re hosting a book release party for our first chapbook, Point of Departure by Michele McDannold. The event will be held at The Art and Performance Center of West Toledo (2702 W. Sylvania Ave  Toledo, OH 43613) on Friday May 25th, from 7-10 pm.

There will be a poetry reading, followed by an open mic. Books will be for sale for $10. There will be snack food provided, and the event is BYOB. Also, please consider making a small donation at the door so we can kick some money to the Art and Performance Center, a vital resource to our community.

See you there!


Friends- we truly appreciate all of the positive responses, and well wishes that we have received as we start this venture. However, it is important to note that we are not currently accepting submissions. We will have a chapbook out soon, AND at some point in the future, we WILL take submissions, but that time has not yet arrived. We love that you love poetry too, but the random submissions, and inquiries are already starting to overwhelm us.


Thank you for understanding. See you August 3rd at Gathering Volumes for our first monthly poetry reading.



Let It Stick


Cocklebur Press’ll be your new favorite spot for poetry.

We’ll put out four books a year.

They’ll stick to ya. You won’t be able to shake ’em. You won’t want to.

Just what is a “cocklebur” you ask?

Let’s do what all adults do: take a little gander on Wikipedia.

What did we learn?

Cockleburs are invasive. They tend to spread prolifically. The leaves are spirally arranged–down the rabbit hole we go, Alice–with deeply toothed margins.

That’s right, kiddos. These books got teeth. They bite. But don’t worry. You’ll like it.

They’ll have you spiraling. They’ll take you places. It may not always be the places you wanted to go to but, hey, you’re welcome. Consider it a favor. Pass it along. Let one of our little Cocklebur seeds get stuck on another (and another and another and another–oh, hi there, Alice!)

Cocklebur Press logo by A.S. Coomer, edited by Trent Clayton
Logo designed by A.S. Coomer and edited by Trent Clayton